Referral Solutions Group continues to grow a family of compelling, high quality web properties in the social health sphere to help engage the millions of people struggling with addiction and dependency.

As Referral Solutions Group broadens its network, we embrace new affiliations to improve the quality of the services we provide, which is why we are glad to offer the following Partner/Publisher Services:

Website and Domain Acquisition & Development

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If you are looking to dramatically improve the quality and visibility of your web presence in the addiction or treatment space, Referral Solutions Group may be able to offer a development solution.

We continue to invest in premium web properties to increase traffic to our clients and partners, evolving and improving the resources we make available to those seeking treatment. If you are the owner of a domain or web property that you feel would be a helpful addition to the Referral Solutions Group family of sites, but are unable to maintain on your own, we want to hear from you.

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Lead Sales Management

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If you are looking to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the traffic, clicks, forms and phone calls you are generating through your social health site, Referral Solutions Group can help by connecting you with our family of partners seeking prospective clients.

Our expertise in brokering quality leads will enable you generate significant revenue while helping those seeking assistance find solutions for their mental or behavioral health needs.

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Ad Sales Management

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Whether you manage a single site in the social health space or many, Referral Solutions Group can help translate your relevant web traffic into meaningful advertising revenue. Our creative team can design and implement dynamic campaign materials to enhance your site and earn you referral bonuses. You can forego the need for dedicated sales, design or technical teams and you won’t have to contend with a complicated ad server setup.

Using Referral Solutions Group to manage your advertising will allow you to effortlessly help connect prospective patients with the help they are seeking.

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