Referral Solutions Group and our partner publishers have built a network of quality, targeted web sites to help reach the millions of people striving to overcome their physical addictions and psychological dependencies. Our suite of sites and ads are an invaluable resource, helping educate visitors about the signs, symptoms and treatment options available, whether they need it for friends, family, or themselves. Most importantly, we want to connect them with solutions, which is why Referral Solutions Group offers the following Client Services:

Prospective Patient Development

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At Referral Solutions Group, our network of social health sites focus primarily on Addiction Treatment, Detoxification and Patient Counseling.

Those considering treatment most often begin their search online. We take the phone calls, form inquiries and click-throughs they place on our user-friendly suite of highly visible sites and ads, and match their needs, location and financial requirements with relevant services. Prospective patients are then discretely connected with a provider for immediate attention. In this way, we help bridge the gap between those seeking assistance and the service options that will best suit their individual needs.

To this end, we continue to seek companies who will provide meaningful services and ethical, quality treatment options to those we connect, so contact us if you are interested in becoming a part of our Referral Solutions Group network, where we strive to reach the many millions of people who need your help.

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Network Ad Campaigns

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Referral Solutions Group strives to connect prospective patients with valuable support options and health products. Part of what makes us unique is the high quality network of sites and ads we leverage to cultivate that effort.

Once you join the network, you’ll build your brand and establish mindshare with your consistent presence on highly trafficked social health sites, and you’ll reach prospective patients using our sites to make decisions regarding their treatment.

Our team of web designers, strategists and architects can help you engage the millions of people struggling with behavioral and mental health needs by improving your campaign materials. To find out more about how we can help you help them, contact us.

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